Finding the Right Venue: The 4 Keys to Make Your Event Successful

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Do you have an upcoming event, but you have not found the right place for it just yet? We definitely can’t blame you, as organizing an event is difficult, let alone finding the right place to hold it in.

Here, we’re going to discuss some things that could help when it comes to finding a Lowertown event center in St. Paul. Make sure to keep these in mind so you would be able to hire the right venue for your special event.

Be Mindful of the Location

One of the things you should take note of is the venue’s exact location. It should be accessible to everyone, especially to your guests. Know where everyone is coming from and ask them if they would be willing to travel to the location that you are eyeing on.

The place should also be accessible through public transport, as not everyone who is attending the event has their own vehicles. It should also be searchable through Waze or Google Maps, especially if it is a bit difficult to reach.

Look for a Parking Space

parking space

Ask the venue owner or management if they have a specific parking space that can be used by the attendees. The parking space should be big enough, as parking can be a huge problem, especially if the venue is located somewhere near a busy road.

If your event is big enough, you can also try to talk to Uber and Lyft for discounts. You can get a special code you can give out to attendees so that they can use it during the event. You can also talk to carpool companies so your attendees and guests can carpool together for a cheaper fare.

Ask for the Services and Amenities

Ask about the services and amenities that they offer to see if they have everything you need. If you are hiring a separate caterer, make sure to ask the venue management if they have a kitchen that you and your caterers can use during the event.

You should also ask if the price of the whole venue comes with free use of chairs, tables, and linens. Asking about the setup and cleanup crew is also a must, especially if you do not have your own crew to set up the whole place for you. Lastly, ask about the AV and sound system, especially if you have presentations for your event.

Visit the Venue

Before booking the venue, you have to make sure that it has the right ambience. Look at the decor inside the venue and see if they would be a good fit for your event’s theme. The inside and outside of the building itself should also reflect the theme. If it doesn’t, then go ahead and make up for it by using the right type of decorations.

If you like, you can also get insurance for your event. Most locations and events place would ask you for insurance, and most of them would likely require you to get one. Secure this first before booking the place so you would have no problem with it later on.

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