The Right Watch for You (Based on Your Career)

buying a watch

buying a watch

It is common knowledge that the type of watch you wear says a lot about you as a person. For men, wearing a watch is loaded with meaning. It shows responsibility and maturity, so it’s one of the first expensive things that people invest in. They do not only reveal things about your personality, but they are also a store of value. A good, branded luxury sports watch can cost thousands of dollars and hold the same value as jewelry.

If you choose wisely, your watch will increase in value over the years. But that doesn’t mean that you should purchase the first expensive watch you see. Your watch is a fashion statement. It needs to go with your overall style. It’s going to be one of the first details people notice about you. Here, we discuss how to choose a watch based on your profession.

The corporate professional

If you work in a corporate profession such as finance, your wardrobe is likely to be clean and classic. The watch you choose to wear to work every day should be simple yet elegant. You should pick a watch with a neutral-colored band, such as black or brown. It needs to go with most of your outfits. If you usually wear a cashmere fringe scarf to work, its color should match the watch you’re wearing.

Try to keep the dial as clean as possible so that you can easily glance at your watch and glean the important information in the middle of a busy workday. You are probably going to be doing a lot of typing, so a light and sleek watch will keep your wrist stress-free. Your watch should not be distracting. It should not attract too much attention in the workplace.

The adventurous


If you are a lover of the great outdoors and often find yourself engaging in extreme sports in your free time, then a sports watch is the way to go for you. Look for a sturdy watch that will convey all the vital information to you.

Some of the best sports watches on the market are aviator watches, which can give you a wide range of data. You can find out the altitude, air pressure, temperature, GPS coordinates, and a host of other information from the watch alone. Make sure that the watch you choose is shock-resistant and waterproof to ensure longevity.

The artist

Usually, it’s the artist or the freelancer who gets the most freedom when it comes to choosing a watch. If you are not afraid of attracting attention, you can be as bold as you want with your watch choice. Go for a watch with an interesting print, or one that has gold or gems engraved in it. A chunky, shiny watch can also be a fashion statement and an accessory.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to picking the right watch. This article only touches upon the tip of the iceberg. There are many more types of watches to choose from, starting from high-tech smartwatches to vintage classics. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that it has to go with your overall lifestyle.

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