To Go or Not To Go: The Dilemma of Public Restrooms

public restroom

So many things happen inside public restrooms. Many people assume that public restrooms are very dirty. The truth is that some of them are, but some are not that dirty.

So, what makes for a good public restroom? Is it the toilet or the flushing system? Is the toilet partition in New Zealand different from that in the U.S.? Does it matter what type of tiles is installed when nature calls?

Essentials of a good public restroom

While public restrooms do serve an important function, there’s a lot to be desired. Unless it is a real emergency, some people who would rather wait to get home than use a public toilet.

The all-important seat cover

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Maybe that lobster wasn’t as fresh as they advertised. And on your way home, it made its presence known, while it’s being digested in your stomach. When you get to the gasoline station restroom, you discovered that it has no toilet seat cover. So, what do you do?

If you’re lucky, there’s toilet paper you can use to improvise a toilet seat cover. Public restrooms—whether in a mall, a gasoline station, a truck stop, or a school—should always have toilet seat covers, and it’s the job of the establishment’s personnel to make sure that restrooms are fully-stocked.

Manual or automatic flushing

This is a personal preference. Most people wouldn’t touch a manual flushing system’s lever because you don’t know the bacteria that may be on that lever. Some people are not properly oriented towards proper hygiene and they touch that lever after they do their business—without cleaning their hands. Others do this by using their foot.

Others, on the other hand, hate automatic flushing, because if not properly calibrated, it keeps flushing even at the slightest movement. Automatic flushing is perfect when it works properly.

Automatic door opener

Cruise ships have it right. Since they’re at sea for days or weeks, an outbreak is something to be avoided. They’re miles away from help, even if they have medical staff and facilities on board. Their solution is a big, red button on the side of the door that opens the restroom door. Typically, people use their elbow to press it.

Staying clean in a public restroom

cleaning bathroom sink

Bring disinfectant. A small spray bottle with strong alcohol should do the trick. Clean up the toilet before you sit on it.

Bring your essentials. These include a toilet seat cover (you can buy this in packs, and just leave some in your car or your briefcase); wet wipes (comes in personal packs of 10s); and hand-disinfectant.

In an ideal world, public restrooms would be immaculately clean. You wont’ be scared to use them—you could really achieve a restful time there. Now, there are public restroom facilities, contractors, and suppliers that could provide you (if you’re a business owner or manager) with ideal products and sound advice on how to keep the restrooms clean. And don’t forget to provide quality partitions for added pr

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