Two (or More) for One: Modular Furniture for Compact Living

Minimalist home style

Often, people have a hard time balancing style and functionality in a home – and in smaller spaces, striking this balance can be all the more challenging. But living in a small space, as is popular with many of today’s condominium and apartment units, doesn’t mean you can’t apply the latest interior decorating trends to your home.

Bedroom and Closet Space

It’s always exciting to buy bedroom furniture. And, with today’s ever-evolving interior design trends, bedroom furniture can serve several purposes.

Bed headboards, for example, not only improve the aesthetic value of the bedroom, but they can also serve as storage cubbies or to create a separation of space in a small area. Foldable tables make for ideal work stations and also double as an impromptu breakfast nook for laidback weekends binging on your favourite shows.

Extend your closet space by getting a nightstand that opens into shelves instead of a typical drawer. Instead of having a separate shoe rack, use the shelves to store your sneakers and sandals. This way, your footwear is out of sight and can easily be accessed when needed. Use baskets to store smaller items such as gloves, socks and headwear.

Sitting Area

Living room interior

With compact apartments gaining popularity, more and more people are choosing small spaces over larger ones. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to the lifestyle you want. If you enjoy entertaining guests, for instance, opt for couches that transform into comfortable sleepers. This way, you don’t have to worry about overnight stays and having company around. Comfortable pullout couches and sofa beds ensure a good night’s sleep for you or your guests.

Your coffee table and ottoman can become storage spaces as well. Purchase an ottoman with a removable top or a hidden compartment where you can store smaller items. A sturdy coffee table can serve as a display case or shelf for books, photo albums, conversations starters and whatever décor. Choose a table with drawers and compartments, to increase its functionality in your small space. These types of furniture are quite popular among interior design stores and it’s not difficult to come across items that will suit your taste.

Kitchen and Dining

The multipurpose furniture trend highlights adjustable tables that you can expand or make smaller in minutes. A multi-function, adjustable table can be used as a kitchen island for preparing food, a dining table for eating and even as a desk for work. But best of all, this type of table takes up little space, allowing movement around it when not in use.

It’s possible to have functional furniture and still make your condominium or apartment look straight out of Pinterest or an interior design magazine. The art of decluttering is now making the rounds of social media and lifestyle news, so you can also take your cue from that and downsize whenever possible. By making smarter decisions when buying furniture, you maximise your small living space without compromising on the functionality and aesthetic of your compact abode.

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