Travelling With Friends? Here are Some Tips to Make it More Fun

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A holiday with your mates always sounds like a great idea, but when you actually plan it, things can start to get a little messy. Not everyone will have the same preferences, budget, and free time, and if you’re the one organizing the trip, these drawbacks will doubtlessly drive you at your wit’s end. Should you give up on planning a holiday trip with your friends, then?

Absolutely not. Even with obstacles on your way, you can make things fall into place if you follow these tips:

1. Consider Everyone’s Travel Style

Some enjoy a spontaneous itinerary, while others might be more comfortable with a plan. On transportation, some might prefer non-stop travel while the rest might like connecting fights better. When you pick a venue, everyone might agree, but that doesn’t mean they look forward to the same exact activities. Accommodation preferences should also be taken into account.

Thus, the first step on planning a trip with friends is considering each of their travel styles. As the organizer, device a way to align their varying preferences until all of you are satisfied with the results.

2. The Goal of The Trip

Once you’ve picked an awesome destination, talk about the things you want to get out of the trip. For example, if you booked an exciting 4WD tour in the Australian Northern Territory, you’d be stopping by breathtaking rock formations, waterfalls, and other sites perfect for the adventurous soul. That said, are all of you hoping to experience an epic adventure, or would you rather indulge in the scenic spots while relaxing?

3. Propose Individual Activities

Just because you’re travelling as a group doesn’t mean you absolutely need to do everything together. One of the best things you can do to reconcile various interests is to allot time for individual activities. If one wants to go shopping while the other enjoys a swim, let them. Being separated for a time is a great way to allow yourselves some personal time, too.

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4. Plan Your Budget Ahead

A perfect recipe for a disastrous trip is realising too late that not all of you can afford it. Before finalising anything, confirm with each friend first if they’re okay with the costs. Figure out how you’re going to split bills next.

5. Consider Everyone’s Eating and Sleeping Schedules

If you’re opting for an international destination, jet lag might be an issue, so it’s best to schedule your activities after a sufficient amount of rest. When you’re already out, establish a meal time that everyone will agree on. You surely don’t want your friend with stomach issues to have discomforts while the rest of you are having fun.

6. Avoid Making Decisions When Hungry or Exhausted

This is why tip #5 is important. Some people can get insanely moody when they’re starving or exhausted. Arguments triggered by hunger and stress may cause things to go downhill, and the rest of the group will be affected. Avoid skipping meals and rake a rest when you should.

7. Communicate Clearly

Communication is key to make plans successful. As the trip’s organizer, you need to be able to communicate with each of your friends comfortably and to address issues with honesty. If things are not coming together, perhaps your friends are just waiting for you to make a decision. Talk to them about what you have in mind so far, and after getting everyone’s approval, make the decision and finalize the trip.

Don’t gather their ideas and plan in secret; it’s a group trip, after all, so deciding and planning on your own would be unfair. Practice clear communication so that everyone gets a heads-up when something needs to be changed or cancelled.

If all else fails, consider booking a travel agent who can arrange a feasible itinerary for your group. You can count on them since they’re experts in travel planning. All costs will be worth it when you and your friends enjoy the trip immensely.

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