Beat the Heat with these Trendy Fashion Items for Men

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Summer is here, and we can feel the scorching heat of the sun as we travel around with our family and friends. Since the pandemic hit hard and forced many of us to stay home for months, many fashionable men can relate to the longing to look good whenever we have the chance to go out. Be it in small gatherings or in grand celebrations with our friends, looking and feeling good this summer shouldn’t have any limit.

Last year, we witnessed a high demand for accessible online shopping platforms where durable, functional, and sustainable clothing, bags, shoes, and other fashion items can be purchased easily. This trend continues as restricted shopping remains enforced. This online shopping trend helps fashion enthusiasts get a hold of their dream fashion and designer items effortlessly.

This year, the biggest fashion brands released their Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Die-hard fashion enthusiasts are glad that durability, style, and sustainability are championed for men this year. Here are our top picks for trendy fashion items that men will surely find delightful to add to their closet this summer.

1. Chino Shorts

The trend for Chino shorts has been experienced a renaissance in recent years. Its comfortable design that can easily be paired with any casual top makes it a nice summer choice for men who want to go out in something casual and breathable. Top color choices for men are neutral colors that can be paired with bright tops or colorful prints for a casual summer vibe.

2. Sailor Shirts

Sailor shirts were revisited by famous designer brands in their 2021 Spring/Summer Collection. These brands highlighted its trendy vibe for men who are in for a modern-day sailor get up. Guess what? Even striped tees fit the vibe! Nowadays, more men want plain- and minimalist-looking shirts that they can mix and match with any bottom without having to worry about wearing graphic tees with unpleasant designs.

3. Extra-large and Breathable Pants

No one really knows how fashion trends evolve for men, but from skinny jeans to extra-large and breathable pants, we now know that men’s fashion choices are as dynamic as women’s. As Vogue Magazine puts it, men crave chic-looking styles that rhyme with freedom and comfort. For men who are interested in joining the XXL trend, fashion experts suggest checking out natural colors to match the heat of summer.

4. Leather Sneakers

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen how the shoe business struggled in keeping up with evolving fashion trends to encourage men into buying products that are not only durable but also fashion-approved by designer brands. We witnessed how leather sneakers sneaked their way up the shoe market. Other big shoe brands captivated many shoppers by launching classy and minimalist leather sneakers that men adore. White leather sneakers remain the top choice for men this summer, especially for those who strive to achieve a casual and modern get-up.

5. Athletic Shorts

For men who love comfort and durability in their clothing more than anything else, the trend for minimalist athletic shorts remains a popular option this summer. Aside from being breathable, this bottom choice provides maximum ease for men who love exercising fit for the summer weather. Athletic shorts are usually paired with plain or graphic tees.

6. Sliders


Sliders have been able to sustain their popularity over recent years. Men still love the casual vibe that sliders provide as they choose the most simple get-up to do their daily activities. Sliders also come out as the most comfortable sandals for men who have a long list of outdoor activities this summer, given its highly durable design.

Choosing the Right Shopping Platforms for Men’s Summer Wear

Get a hold of the best summer fashion trends for men without having to visit one clothing store to another by purchasing your desired items through online shopping platforms. With the rise and popularity of the best online shopping websites offering luxury and designer items, stylish men’s wear is now available for purchase through centralized online applications that house top designer brands.

If you are among those people who want to purchase products from companies that practice sustainable production, check out Muji products online. It is a leading brand that sells minimalist casual men’s wear, much like the items we mentioned above. You may also consider checking out size guides for men’s wear when buying clothes, shoes, and other fashion items to avoid returns.

Remember that choosing the right shopping platform should be convenient and friendly at your end. This is to avoid troubling refunds and other shopping dilemmas commonly encountered with problematic online shopping applications. Happy shopping!

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