Upgrade to the Closet of Your Dreams

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A closet is the most personal space you can have. You usually share everything else if you’re not living alone. But a closet is meant just for you and your clothes. With your clothes, the closet becomes an extension of your personality. One of the ways to truly experience an upgrade in your life is by upgrading your closet.

Why You Need a Walk-in Closet

Although some people might settle for a small closet where a pile of shirts can make their home, it’s no surprise that a dream walk-in closet can become your own private getaway. A walk-in closet is going to be a physical space where you can practice self-care by taking your time to get dressed and being able to see your personal collection presented to you like in a boutique.

A closet of your dreams can be anything from one that has a wall dedicated to shoes or a closet that you can lounge in. It really depends on what sort of upgrades you’re interested in making, but here are some ideas you can brainstorm on:

Private Lounge

Whether you don’t have extra room for a man cave or just a room to refresh your mental health, you can add a few ottomans or beanbags in the closet and call it a lounge. It can be another part of your home where you can pause and think, especially if you’re living in a hectic household. It will be just you and your clothes. In fact, a survey was conducted regarding which spaces helped people mentally cope with day-to-day life, and privacy is a common thread among most answers. Ultimately, your walk-in closet doubling as a private lounge can be a form of therapy wherein you can be your most comfortable self.

A Safe

closet interior

Walk-ins can also provide additional space in your room where you can keep your valuables. It won’t be just a safe space for your mental health but your belongings as well. Installing a safe in a closet is a good investment so that you’ll have a go-to for the belongings you find the most valuable in case of an emergency.

One of the ways you can make your closet secure is to add cylinder locks, which resist drilling and picking. You can get them installed in your closet doors to add an extra line of defense to your haven.

Storage Space

It won’t be a pantry or a garage that you can treat as your stock room, per se. It will be a place where you can place your luggage you’re planning to use for a trip or important mementos that you’d like to look at now and then. Using your walk-in as a storage space can make it more personalized because, along with your accessories, you’ll be displaying certain trinkets that have value in your life.

You’ll also be maintaining the quality of shoes, ties, and belts if you decide to display them in your walk-in closet. Your shoes will no longer be found on the ground in a pile with the rest. Instead, they’ll have their own space where they’ll be carefully worn when you choose them for an occasion.

Extra Workspace

If you’re running short on space elsewhere because the entire family’s taken over every other room and you really need a home office, your spacious closet might do. Aside from providing a tranquil space for you to work in, you’ll also be isolated from everyone else. Closets don’t usually have a window for you to look out of, so if that’s okay for you, this can be an arrangement that might work.

Yoga or Meditation Space

You can use the ample space of your closet’s floor as a way to meditate and maybe even get started on that goal to practice yoga. Again, it will be a quiet space in your home, and you’ll be away from any distractions. A walk-in closet as your safe space will also mean that you’ll be your most comfortable self in there, so you’ll be more ready to find your zen and meditate.

A closet has more than just your clothes. It stores and compartmentalizes parts of your personality. Upgrading your closet space doesn’t just mean that you’ll have more space to put your clothes in or that you’ll no longer have to dig through a pile of clothes every morning to find the right shirt or tie. It also means that you’ll be able to experience a safe space for yourself.

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