What Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

Wedding sign

The dream wedding is something that you have to plan for a long time. Some engagements have lasted for years simply because they wanted to make sure that every detail is faithful to what they visualised.

A dream wedding starts with a great site, and there are many wedding venues to consider in Kent and other cities. This is not just the backdrop of your wedding, it will be the site of timeless memories, so you need to endure so that you and all your guests would be comfortable and that the event is enjoyable.

It all starts with preparation, and you need to probe the venue owners yourself to ensure that every detail is covered.

Essential questions on the terms of payment

In the total amount, does it include the gratuity and service charge? Will there be a separate charge for cleaning? If not, how much is the charge and are you allowed to hire a service provider for that? Many wedding organisers advise the DIY couples that if there is a “plus” sign or two that is attached to the price, that means there will be added charges like gratuity and local taxes.

You should also ask about the cancellation policy. No matter how sure we are, there is always the possibility, whether it concerns the couple or there are adverse conditions. How close to the actual date can you cancel? Is there a period when cancellation is no longer allowed, and the full payment is forfeited?

On that note, you should also inquire about the policy on rescheduling. Is it allowed even after you have paid the down payment or reservation? You also need to clarify if there are penalties for changing the date and how much.

Amenities and inclusions

Another thing that you must check is whether the venue provides facilities, and also are tables, chairs, linens and other amenities/ services included? Some sites only offer the place, and hardly anything else. For the tables and chairs, it could be provided by the vendor or the caterer.

As for other amenities like the lighting, sounds and maintenance: Will the venue provide staff to operate the various pieces of equipment for these, or should you hire people to do it?

The exclusivity of the venue

Wedding reception venue

Some weddings are held in hotels or large halls, and there could be more than one event going on. This is something you need to clarify. If you prefer a serene ceremony and reception, it might be better to choose a smaller venue wherein your wedding is the only event being held.

If there are other events along with your venue, it is best to ask if there are other weddings. Your guests might get confused, specifically those who arrive late. They could end up at another wedding. Are there amenities that you might need to share with the other event?

One common thing is the number of restrooms. Many venues have one set of restrooms or powder room on every floor even if there are multiple halls. Another concern is the proximity of the other event. Is there just a wall separating your wedding and a full volume dance party?

Does the venue have the proper acoustics and soundproofing to ensure that your event would not be disrupted?

Choosing a wedding venue depends on a lot of factors and preferences, and this includes the budget. It is best to select sites that have already been tried and tested. They have the expertise and proper orientation to empathise with how important it is to get your wedding right.

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