White Gold: Getting to Know More about This Trendy Jewelry

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We all know that gold is a precious metal popularly used for crafting delicate pieces of jewelry. Gold has a bright and shiny yellow color that can easily catch your eye. But while this pure yellow gold is very precious and expensive, most people prefer to have a wedding band set in white gold.  This is why a lot of women wonder how this kind of gold differs from the original yellow. Let’s find out more about the white gold trend.

Is White Gold Pure?

Pure gold metal has a yellow color, and white gold is a mix of this pure precious metal with other alloys with silver-white appearance. Some jewelers use palladium or silver to create incredibly expensive white gold jewelry.

Generally, pure gold is malleable, and it has to be mixed with sturdier metal for strength and durability. Without the harder alloy, genuine gold jewelry will easily bend out of shape. For jewelry, this metal trait is not a good indication of craftsmanship. Thus, it is mixed with other metals to come up with yellow, rose, or white gold hues.

In the case of white gold, the alloy of pure gold and other silver-hued metal is also coated with rhodium. This precious metal is similar to platinum. Rhodium provides durability and toughens white gold. More so, it provides a luxurious surface sheen while protecting the jewelry.

Why Does White Gold Become Yellowish After Some Time?

ring cleaningConstant wear and tear will soon reveal the yellow color of your white gold jewelry. Its rhodium coating will eventually become worn out. This is a normal condition for most white gold jewelry, primarily if you always use it. It is affected by the PH levels of the skin, chemicals, or toiletries that it comes in contact with. Additionally, environmental factors such as pollution, also play a part in wearing down the shiny coating in your jewelry.

If you want to restore a piece of white gold jewelry, a re-coating of rhodium is necessary. Most jewelers offer these services at a reasonable price. They can re-coat wedding bands, rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of valuables.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using White Gold Jewelry

For the advantages, white gold is preferred by conventional women. It is a beautiful metal that looks like silver or platinum. However, it is more sturdy than silver and more affordable than platinum. If you are not comfortable wearing shiny yellow gold jewelry, this is the perfect option for you. It is still a precious metal, but it is less catchy. More so, it’s neutral color makes it an ideal setting for most gemstones. White gold can be worn for various events and can match any outfits.

On the other hand, white gold tends to lose its sparkle over time. It needs regular re-coating to keep its shape and sheen. And although it is affordable to have this process, the overall cost of it can be taxing for many.

Choosing a type of jewelry remains to be a personal choice. White gold has a range of advantages on top of its delicately vogue looks. It suits various outfits and is classy enough to be worn on multiple events. If you are looking for something more durable than silver and less eye-catching than yellow gold, white gold is the perfect choice for you.

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