Yoga and Meditation for Men: It’s Time to Stop the Myths

people doing yoga

Professional athletes do yoga and meditation all the time. Can you imagine someone as big as Shaquille O’Neal doing yoga? But it’s true, Shaq, Lebron James, Kevin Love, and many others practice yoga for their physical and mental health. In tennis, superstar Novak Djokovicis a big believer in yoga and meditation. Even the late NBA great Kobe Bryant has once traveled to Taiwan to learn about the art of meditating.

If super successful athletes can do it, then why won’t most men do? If you’re paying $500 for a pair of Lebron shoes, then why can’t you follow with his yoga practice? There have been a lot of misconceptions about yoga and meditation for men, mainly that they are not for big burly men who carry weights like it’s a piece of paper.

Setting the Tone

Before you start debunking the myths surrounding yoga and meditation for men, try it out first and see what it will do to your health. Pick a spot in your house, preferably one with a large window so the sun can stream in. However, make sure it has heat reflective window film because you wouldn’t want to get too sunburned as you meditate while facing the sun. It’s one thing to absorb the energy from the sunlight, but it’s another thing to get too much ultraviolet light.

Myth #1: Yoga Isn’t Effective

Don’t believe these misconceptions about yoga. Not only is it effective but it can actually be more effective than other types of exercises and workouts. Yoga activates your whole body. You won’t need a ton of gym equipment to tone your muscles or strengthen your core. Yoga uses the weight of your body to build your muscles. Imagine carrying your full body weight. That’s better than carrying weights.

Myth #2: Yoga and Meditation Are for Women

Why would you think that? Why couldn’t men stretch and empty their minds? Yoga is about putting your mind at ease and feeling so light that you actually carry your body weight with ease. Yoga and meditation aren’t for women alone. Men can benefit from the advantages of doing these, too. If you are feeling stressed at work, an hour of meditating can be very beneficial.

Myth #3: All Yoga Classes Are the Same

This is farther from the truth. Some yoga classes are light and easy. Some are intense. If you want to do some cardio workout, choose a class with the words “Vinyasa,” “Power,” or “Flow” in them. The good thing about some of these classes is that some of them are designed for couples who want to spend time with each other. So, yes, why not pull your partner into doing yoga with you? This will be good for both your mental and physical health.

man doing yoga

Myth #4: You Have to Be Flexible to Do Yoga

There’s a thing called child pose in yoga. You can do this if the other poses are too hard for you. Don’t fret about not being flexible. Practicing yoga regularly will help you achieve the flexibility you need for this type of exercise. Do you work out because you have muscles already? Do you go to the gym because you have abs? Or, do you go there because you want to build your muscles and strengthen your core? You need to be a beginner before becoming an expert. It all starts with the first step.

Myth #5: You Have to Wear Women’s Yoga Pants

What is so wrong about women’s yoga pants anyway? It has a stretchy but relaxed feel. It’s actually so comfortable that women start wearing them wherever they need to go. Yes, even in supermarkets. Men can wear whatever they want when they do yoga. There is no hard-and-fast rule about practicing yoga and meditating. It’s all about your mental status. The success of yoga relies on your mind.

Myth #6: Yoga Has a Lot of New Age Practices Such as Chanting

Every yoga class is different. That’s why you have to choose what works for you. Sure, other practices will be leaning toward a New Age discipline, but you don’t have to do that if you’re not comfortable. Yoga instructors know too well not to distract the students when they concentrate. So, just focus on the pose you have to do and forget about things like chanting.

Yoga and meditation reduce stress and risks of depression. If you are anxious and have trouble sleeping, yoga is also good for you. The misconception that yoga is for women should stop. Yoga is for everyone since everyone will benefit from peace of mind.

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