5 Signs Your Roller Shutter Needs Repair

Roller garage door in red

Roller shutter doors are among the most efficient and affordable garage doors that keep your home safe. They offer an extra layer of security that you cannot get from other garage doors. If you are considering roller shutters for your garage, then you are on the right track. Roller shutters are sturdy and are designed to last for decades.

Now that you have decided to install roller shutters, the next thing is to maintain them in perfect condition for them to work effectively. While roller shutters are designed to serve you for several years, they become faulty at some point. Unfortunately, garage door problems come when you least expect it. As such, you ought to watch out for sure signs that indicate the need to repair your roller doors in Cairns.


These might not seem like something serious if you work in a warehouse where things get worn out easily. However, dents on your roller shutter door are a sign of something more serious than an individual accidentally backing up the door with a machine. Dents on roller shutter doors create a weak area, which is not safe. Therefore, you need to call a professional to fix your door as soon as you notice a dent to avoid hazards when it festers.

An attempted break-in

Roller shutter garage doors are the first defence against theft. As such, burglars are likely to test your roller shutter door for weakness first. Therefore, you need to hire an expert for repairs even if the burglary attempt has not been successful. Besides, chances are that the burglars have tampered with the door or they have damaged it.


roller shutter door in warehouse buildingRoller shutters go through wear and tear over time because they are often used twice a day. Roller springs usually last for 10,000 cycles. As such, if you realize that the functionality of your roller shutter door is decreasing or the door breaks down often, then it is time you thought about repairs or replacement. Roller shutters should operate with ease, such as opening and closing smoothly without any resistant.

Unusual noise

The other sign to watch out for is weird sounds coming from a roller shutter door. It is time to hire a professional to check on your roller shutter if it produces strange sounds when closing and opening. The door should operate normally, without grinding and screeching sounds. You shouldn’t take any unusual noise coming from a roller shutter door for granted.


You need to repair your roller shutter door as soon as you feel or notice a cold draft of air in your garage. Roller shutters offer protection to your garage or facility from extreme weather conditions such as high winds, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It is time to call a professional for repairs when you see that puddles are gathering on the floor or you feel cold air in the room.

You need to call a technician immediately if you see these indications. The repair technician will also advise on when to replace some parts of the roller shutter or the entire door. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact a reliable professional for high-quality repairs.

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