Choosing a Career: Landscape Architecture


If you’re someone who loves nature or has total care and concern for the environment, maybe being a landscape architect is the best career path for you. The industry of landscape architecture gained popularity during the late 1800s when New York’s Central Park was designed by two outstanding L-architects, Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

As the profession evolved, it coped with the advancements in technology and the latest trends in design and functionality. Now, landscape architects blend arts and science, as well as vision and thought into understanding how the environment should be taken care of while urban development is progressing.

Here, we will discuss the what, where, and why of the landscape architecture profession.

What landscape architects do

Landscape architects have a diverse work environment. They are versatile that they can work in rural, urban, and even forest settings. Landscape architects are also responsible for making man-made homes for wild animals that have been victims of deforestation and hunting causing them to lose their natural habitat.

In addition, a professional landscape architect should possess skills and complete training that fuses art and design while taking into consideration social, physical, political, economic, and cultural factors to produce innovative solutions for urban and natural environments.

Moreover, the scope of their work is flexible since they have the expertise to cater to a large array of clientele. For example, landscape architects may be authorized to design and plan projects for both private and public spaces, such as single occupancy homes, residential areas, public playgrounds, city parks, university campuses, and government office grounds. For those planning to build housing properties in Bellevue or anywhere in WA, a residential landscape architect can help out and do the job just fine.

Where they work


As stated, landscape architects have versatile expertise. Expect them to be employed by large development companies, both locally and internationally. If you wish to enter this industry, you also have the option to start your own firm or be a freelancer. There are no boundaries in this profession, and you’ll be able to work while enjoying and caring for the environment.

How much they earn

According to statistics provided by, the average salary of a landscape architect is about $64,180 per year or $30.86 per hour. The employment rate for landscape architects is 14% higher than the total average growth of other occupations.

For example, in Washington alone, 820 landscape architects are employed with an average median salary of $63,340. This growth and demand continue to grow due to endless ventures and new projects worldwide. To add to that, there are numerous redevelopment projects for existing landscapes to incorporate trends and advancements, as well as accommodate the latest safety standards set by authorities.

If design and innovation are part of your passion and you care for the environment, then landscape architecture may be the perfect field for you. As mentioned, there is a large demand for them and as long as the world continues to develop and progress, opportunities for this profession are limitless. All you need to do is stay dedicated to taking care of nature, embrace development, and hone your creative imagination to design solutions for the betterment of the community.

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