Home Improvement 101: Giving Your Deck or Patio a Facelift

Residential backyard deck overlooking lawn and lake

When homeowners have the time and budget to improve their homes, they often choose the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms as their canvas. We tend to overlook the other parts of the home. Don’t just settle on improving the rooms inside your house. It’s time to pay attention to your outdoor living space.

If you already have a deck or patio, then that is a good place to start. Wonder what you can do to add style and improve the comfort and functionality of these two areas in your home? Here are some ideas worth considering:

Add shade and coverage

No matter how much you like spending outdoors, there are natural elements that can stop you from enjoying a relaxing time on your deck. By adding shade, you can still enjoy your time outdoors even when it is raining or when the hot and bright sun is out. Consider adding custom retractable awnings to your deck. Many suppliers in New England offer high-quality and customized awnings. Adding shade and coverage might just be the solution you need, so you can finally maximize your time on your deck or patio.

Check, clean, and schedule repairs as needed

As your deck or patio ages, damage can occur over time. It is not enough that you clean your outdoor living space when you have time. Sometimes, it pays to deep-clean it by having it power-washed. Make sure to regularly check it for signs of damage and wear and tear. Regular maintenance repair can help keep your deck or patio in tip-top shape and safe to use.

Accessorize with comfortable outdoor furniture

Nothing can make your outdoor space more cozy than having comfy furniture that you can use. With the variety of colors, styles, and heights to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs and taste. When buying any outdoor furniture, consider the location of your home as the weather can affect the lifespan and maintenance of your furniture. Don’t forget about measuring the amount of space you have, your budget, and the activities you plan to do on your deck.

Light it up

One should not focus only on the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space at daylight. How it looks and feels during the night also matter. By strategically adding lights to your deck or patio, you get to enjoy your outdoors even at night. It also adds security and boost the beauty and functionality of your home at nighttime. You get to choose between solar, LEDs, post lights, and other lighting options when lighting up your outdoors.

Add a fresh railing

Spanish style home at twilight and open floor plan

Your railing does not only serve as a barrier. It can also help add visual appeal, depending on the material and style that you have chosen to use. You can also use your railing to provide additional privacy in your home. Replacing your railing can instantly transform the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Improving your outdoor space won’t only allow you to spend more time around nature. It will also help boost your home value. You get to maximize your living space and even expand your entertainment options. This article can help you transform these areas from dull to fab. Make sure to consider your needs, budget, and lifestyle when giving your deck and patio a makeover.

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