Why You Should Consider Updating Your Bathroom


Is your bathroom looking a little too drab and outdated? Then you should definitely consider upgrading your bathroom’s design through renovation or remodeling. This should be enough to bring new life to your house. Bathrooms are one of the places we all love because we spend most of our lives in it, and it is important because we use it to clean ourselves and get ready for the day.

Updating rooms in our house is important, especially bathrooms. The house is subject to wear and tear, and the bathroom is the last room that we pay attention to when redesigning. We always think that having a working tap and toilet is enough, but the bathrooms are special rooms and it deserves better because you deserve better.

Renovating a room is challenging enough, but with careful planning design, you can get the look that is appropriate for your home. Hiring bathroom builders like those in Brisbane, for one, is an efficient way to redesign a bathroom. But what should you consider when renovating bathrooms? Here are a few things that can help you decide:

1. Plumbing

Residential plumbing uses 1 ½ inch pipes for drains. Gunk and hair can accumulate and cause clogging. Getting a bigger drain of up to two inches can prevent constant clogs.

Have you checked the pipes in the bathroom? Are there leaks? Are there any build-up or corrosion? If there are suspicious things going on in the bathroom plumbing, it may be a good idea to upgrade them. Mineral build-up and corrosion can cause blockage in the pipes, resulting in low water pressure.

2. Lighting

Bad lighting can cause a negative effect on how we see ourselves in the mirror. Getting more natural light in the bathroom can uplift spirits and lets you see more of yourself. Try getting bath bar lights and vanity lights, they give the best brightness in lighting.


3. Flooring

Tiles may wear out in time and yours is probably looking like it was installed in the 1800s. Small changes in tiles can refresh the entire look and feel of the bathroom. Also, tiles need to be checked every once in a while if the grout hasn’t chipped or it hasn’t completely vanished. Having gaps in your tiles can be a bad thing. Mold can accumulate over time, and it may get in every nook and cranny in the bathroom, which can be a health hazard. Also, choose smaller tiles for the bathroom floor, it’s more flexible and easier to slope properly. Smaller tiles are also less slippery than those big tiles.


Natural and proper ventilation is needed for the bathroom to let steam or moisture escape. A moist environment is an open invitation to mold growth, and you wouldn’t want that. Install frosted windows that are operable to let the air in and consider a screen made from plastic or PVC to avoid rust and rust stains.

5. Storage

Maximize storage space with shelving and drawers. Overhead shelving is good for towels and drawers are good for organizing grooming tools and beauty implements. It’s also a good storage spot for toiletry stocks like toilet paper, soap, or toothpaste.

These are a few things to consider when thinking of renovating a bathroom. Updating the bathroom will make it enjoyable and valuable. It is a good investment for the house and for yourself.


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