Memorable Souvenirs You Should Buy from a Vacation

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Most individuals have a vacation plan on their mind as the first activity once the travel restrictions are lifted imposed due to COVID-19. Many must have already thought of the travel destination, vacation duration, hotels, sightseeing, and whatnot. And what better way to make the first vacation after almost a year unforgettable than getting a souvenir that will forever remind you of the vacation. Some items that you can bring back from your vacation are:


If you’re looking for something inexpensive yet profound, postcards are your best bet. While the art of collecting postcards has dwindled in the age of technology, a true traveler will always return from a trip with a few of these. You can hang them in your kitchen or create a photo frame of all the postcards that you have accumulated from around the world.


Portraits are a great way to make your vacation worth remembering, especially if you’re traveling with your partner. Imagine sitting by the Seine and the Eiffel tower in the background and having your portrait drawn by one of the many local talented artists! Romantic and a souvenir to remember, isn’t it? You can even get a portrait drawn by a renowned painter from the location you’re visiting if you have the finances to spare for it.


Every destination in the world has certain jewelry items that are native to the place and hence turn out to be amazing souvenirs. For instance, if you visit India, you’ll find most women wearing a traditional Indian nose stud or a beautiful nose ring. You can get your nose pierced and adorned with a traditional jhumka or a nath. Similarly, if you’re visiting Switzerland, you might consider buying diamond custom luxury necklaces and rings, a highly popular jewelry item in the country. If you are a man, don’t fret. Jewelry, today, has become a gender-neutral item, and men too can purchase a neck chain, bracelets, or rings from their vacation destination.

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Everyday objects

We are all guilty of buying those street-side everyday items as a token of memory. We all have indulged ourselves in magnets, key chains, wall hangings, crockery, mugs, and t-shirts and splurged on these inexpensive items only to be kept locked away in a corner once we return home. But the next time you buy these, make sure that you end up using them instead of tossing them in your closet, never to be found again.


Stamp collection is a hobby of many individuals. And although the internet age has reduced our dependency on postal services, post offices still are a major part of logistics in almost every country. Each country has its unique stamps that represent their culture, heritage, and history. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can collect multiple stamps from your vacation destination and add it to your stamp book to later revisit your vacation memories.

Found items

What better souvenirs than the ones you didn’t pay for? A jar full of shells, riverbed rocks, dried leaves, and pine cones makes for wonderful and free memorabilia that is also easy to maintain. However, before you return with any of these, make sure that they are allowed to be collected and brought back on a flight to your home country.


We all have a pet-peeve of collecting currency, especially coins, from different countries. The next time you visit a place, return with a few coins of various denominations that remind you of your happy moments during the vacation. You can even keep a bill or two as a souvenir if you’re not that interested in keeping a coin collection. You can create a coin jar that contains coins from various places that you have visited and even keep it as a decorative item at home to display.

Travel journal

Maintaining a travel journal will help you pen down and remember every detail of your vacation. Ensure that you enter your daily activities in the travel journal before going to bed every night. Your journal will be filled with small little instances and memories that you would have forgotten otherwise. You can then sit on your couch on a lazy Sunday and relive all those little instances by reading through the journal.

Let’s hope that things go back to the way they were before, and we get to travel and explore different parts of the world quickly. So, which country are you planning to visit the moment you get the chance? And what souvenirs will you bring back from the trip? We are all ears!

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