Reasons to Commission Your Building

man inspecting a building

Many building owners will do all the important work that goes behind constructing a building – except one. Commissioning is the often overlooked aspect of construction. But this process is essential. The process involves a certified commissioner or team of commissioners coming and inspecting your property to check whether it is performing optimally. They will identify any problems with how your business is operating. Based on that, you can carry out updates and repairs. There are many advantages of building commissioning in Portland, including getting better rent prices. Here, we discuss some of them:

It can help you save money

The whole work of building commissioning involves analyzing whether your building is efficient in its operations. Knowing inefficiencies within your facility will make it possible for you to address them. On average, research shows that commissioned buildings have lower energy expenses. This is because commissioned buildings are more energy-efficient. While commissioning may cost you in the short term, you can make up the amount that you have spent on savings made from more efficient operations. You can make up the total amount spent on commissioning within a few years.

You can identify risks and problems

During the commissioning process, many tests will be carried out, documenting every aspect of your building. Measurements will be taken by experts in the field. This will reveal whether there are any problems or risks in your construction process or construction. You can address these while still building as this will be less expensive. You can also minimize risk to life by making your property safer through building commissioning. Moreover, the commissioners will teach your maintenance staff about things to watch out for. This will boost the overall safety of your building.

Your tenants will be satisfied

couple shaking hands of an agentKnowing that the building they are living in is commissioned will keep your tenants satisfied. They will be happy with your property if things such as heating and air conditioning are well maintained. This will improve your tenant turnover rate. This means that you don’t have to spend as much on frequent cleaning and such. Your apartments or facilities will have good reviews and ratings, making them attractive property. You can transform this into higher rent following the commissioning.

It can help you stay within regulations

In some states, commissioning your building during the construction process may be mandatory. In other states, there might be specific regulations that dictate how often you need to carry out commissioning. For older buildings, this could be anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Flouting these regulations may make you incur massive fines. Your property can also be shut down for a while. Always make sure that your building is commissioned in a timely manner to stay within these regulations.

If your building has been lagging in performance and is getting old, you may need to get it commissioned or recommissioned. This has obvious advantages, including cost savings and higher tenant retention rates. It will help you identify minor problems that would have otherwise flown under the radar.

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