Why dental implants may be the best option for tooth replacement

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Although the process of getting dental implants takes a little longer, this kind of treatment has lots of advantages over other means of fixing a missing tooth or teeth. When a person loses a tooth or teeth, it can be a very unsettling experience that has a significant impact on their confidence. This is especially the case if the tooth or teeth involved are among the six teeth that are especially obvious when smiling.

Most people opt to replace the missing tooth or teeth if they are obvious when smiling. However, a gap that isn’t visible, say at the back of the mouth, should also be remedied. This is because though the missing tooth isn’t noticeable to others, it can result in a few potential issues. Firstly, some of the remaining teeth could spread to move into the space – and this can make them crooked.

If a person is chewing their food using teeth that are not suited to this purpose, the result can be that the teeth can become damaged and worn down. As well as issues with bite, the person with a missing tooth that has not be replaced could also find themselves at risk of TMJ – which is a problem with the jaw that can cause a lot of discomfort.

Alternatives to dental implants

The most common alternatives to getting dental implants are dentures and dental bridges. Dentures remain the most popular means of replacing the teeth. The main advantage of this kind of treatment is that there is no dental surgery required, and this can be especially appealing for people who are nervous or anxious about spending long periods in the dentist’s chair. The main disadvantage of dentures is that they can move around, which can cause issues with talking and eating – as well as potentially being uncomfortable to the wearer.

Dental bridges are more fixed than dentures, which means they can be more stable and secure within the mouth. They usually require the dentist to shape the teeth around the gap using dental crowns – but if these teeth are healthy, many people are unsure about this kind of treatment.

Dental implants

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Dental implants might cost a little more and take a little longer to be fitted, but they are recommended for people who want a stable means of replacing a tooth that can last for a long time. In many cases, when the proper care is taken to maintain the oral health in general, dental implants can last twenty years or longer.

Dental implants are fitted using special roots that are made of titanium, which replaces the natural root of the tooth. This can help the patient to avoid issues with tooth movement, changes in the way their face looks and for some, difficulties with speech.

This means of tooth replacement is often chosen because implants are so easy to care for. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants can be cleaned just like natural teeth – making it much easier for the patient to continue life as normal.

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